Wisdom From The Old (or ‘Why I learned to Stop Worrying and Love YouTube’)

Firstly – and this isn’t imperative to the post, I’m neither, old nor Jewish. But I did find this beautiful 6min short-film some time ago and feel that if you come across it, you should feel obliged to press play – because you’re likely to learn something. Continue reading

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The Hidden Cost of Aging

“When you’re 5 you just want to be 6, but when your 26 you wish you were 25. The aging process is taking place everyday and there’s no way to slow it down, so you might as well embrace it. Being 102 doesn’t look so bad.”

I heard a great quote recently. Something to the effect of “If you treat your day as though it will pass as quickly as your life you’re likely to get a lot done”. This stuck with me, mainly because in an ocean of internet memes and tidbits it’s difficult to find a piece of wisdom or a legendary quote that isn’t in some way familiar or worn out somehow. “Carpe Diem” and “You Only Live Once” etc. Despite making a really good point that we could all learn from they get tired, over-used and just another throwaway piece of auto-advice offered up when the chips are down. So it’s nice to come across a unique visual way of getting the reality of our fates across plain and simply, without feeling like we’ve heard it all before. And least of all from an insurance company!

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Silent House (2011)

ImageI get fed up watching horror films now, because they’re all the same. Aren’t they? Yes they are, you’re right. But just from the synopsis it’s clear that this one’s a little different. Whilst packing away their old, boarded up family home Sarah and her dad begin to experience strange goings and loud bumps in the darkness. Although the entire story takes place during the day we’re roped into a chilling, claustrophobic atmosphere by the fact that due to the house being boarded up, it might as well be the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere and at points no hope of even leaving the house. Bus makes Silent House so significant is the way it’s shot. At no point through the entire film does the action ever cut to another camera. Not like a ‘found-footage’ shaky handy-cam film that’s now been played out oh-too-many times. This is a genuinely well shot film. It looks, feels and plays out like any other. But just the fact that the camera never cuts, giving the impression of one, long, uninterrupted take, we feel a lot more like another person in the room observing absolutely everything that happens as it unfolds in genuine real-time.

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THE BIG FIGHT: Super-Market VS. Farmer’s Market

BigFightThey’re playing this advert on TVs in the UK recently. It’s a bunch of different people talking directly to the camera, angry – at cancer. Literally putting it down. “You mess with my mum, you mess with all of us”, “Cancer, are you scared? You should be”, “Cancer you prat!”. It’s fine. It makes sense in a grab-it-by-the-balls and show-it-whose-boss sort of way. And you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone in the world today not prepared to stand by it, since a majority of us have lost someone, or several loved ones to those nasty little cells. But what’s interesting about the advert is the very last slide, citing the colossal supermarket corporation Tesco as a partner of Cancer Research’s Race For Life. Now if you’re thinking “Perry, that’s not the least bit interesting, at all” you’d be absolutely right, but despite that, let’s move on.

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Louis CK: One Night In Hammersmith 2013 Review

1342805089_01_louisFirst of all, this isn’t a normal show, so suck a bag of dicks if it deserves a normal review. Picture the venue you’ve been going to for years, not religiously, just now and again to see the act or band you’ve wanted to see for a long time. It’s now a few months since you sat in your dressing gown click-click-clicking away at the refresh-pages, ‘captcha’ verifications, wrong passwords and (surely) fair handling fees that has now become the standard routine of online ticket chasing. It’s all normal now, no getting away from it. You cut out of work early on the day of the gig to beat the tube rush, normal. Join the hoards of students, die-hard fans and first-timers in the mass march towards the theatre. Some are standing on pillars squeezing a phone to their head trying to find their mate in the crowd. Normal. And then you all go inside. Normal… yes?… Continue reading

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2013 Preview for Derren Brown’s new show ‘Infamous’ – Exclusive Review (No Spoilers)


“Never show anyone” says Christian Bale’s character Borden in the 2006 illusion-fueled thriller The Prestige. “They’ll beg you and they’ll flatter you for the secret, but as soon as you give it up… you’ll be nothing to them”. Lucky for us illusionist, mentalist and downright smiliest hypnotist you’re ever likely to meet, Derren Brown doesn’t seem interested in playing by those rules. Because for his latest collaboration with genius writer-director Andy Nyman, 2013’s Infamous shows that Brown isn’t only willing to tell you how he achieves all this outstanding wizardry, but for those of you who behave yourselves – he’s about to show you.

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Life: Simply, this is it…

Our universe is approximately 14 billion years old,
and our little, blue planet has only been here for around 4 billion years.
It’s seen better days, but still – it’s very new.

Modern humans originated around 200,000 years ago.
Walking, talking humans like us have only been here for about 50,000 years.
Us, our family, our ancestors, everything we’ve ever known or been aware of has only existed for the tiniest percentage of total history.
We’re still one of the youngest things around.

But this is where it gets really interesting…

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Read: The Art of Drew Struzan (2010)

The Art of Drew Struzan [2010]

I’ll begin my article on Drew Struzan the way almost any article on Drew Struzan begins. If you don’t know his name, you almost definitely know his work. If like me you were born in the 70s or 80s Struzan quite literally painted your childhood. Continue reading

Starting Out…

Hi, I’m Perry and this is why I’m here.

In December 2011 I made the decision to leave my family, my girlfriend, my job and everything I had to travel the world. Besides the people I’d obviously miss, it was an easy decision to make. A 26 year-old Development Producer for a children’s TV company, I’d dropped out of college at 18 to work as hard as I could from the ground up (often for free). It wasn’t all bad. Despite the endless cups of tea and crew lunch-runs I’d made to get there I felt proud to have done it on my own. The only problem was that it took me to the one and only place in the world I never wanted to end up… behind a desk.

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